Columbia (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

The Columbia (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated held its organizational meeting on February 9, 1973.  The group was organized by Roberta M. Briscoe and Celonia B. Walden under the name of Wajamii (Swahili for circle of friends).  Installation of the Chapter took place on June 28, 1975 with 23 charter members. 

The charter members were Kay B. Black, Zola E. Boone, Roberta M. Briscoe (deceased), Shirley B. Colvin, Jeanne Q. Cooper, Janice J. Fisher, Fredrika S. Hill, Charlene D. Jarvis, Iris A. Jones, Ruby G. Martin (deceased), Grace C. Payne, Bebe D. Price, Suzanne D. Price (deceased), Pinnie S. Ross (deceased) Janice P. Skinner, Iola R. Smith, Sandra N. Smith, Lula S. Wade, Celonia B. Walden (deceased), Doris B. Waters (deceased), Ozella T. Webb (deceased), Luz M. Webster and Ada C. Woodland (deceased). 

 The Columbia (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered in June 1975 and has grown to its current membership of 58 members. The Chapter is dedicated to purposeful service and has sponsored many activities over the past 44 years to enhance the quality of life in the Howard County community and beyond.